Al-Ameen College of Health Sciences and Technology.



The aim of Dental Health Technician programme is to produce competent Dental Heath personnel who will be capable of assisting the Dentist by passing instrument, mixing materials etc. and providing oral health nursing in hospitals, communities and clinics.


The curriculum is based on the philosophy that Dental Healthy Technician/Dental Nurse is personnel in a profession in health care delivery system that call for individuals of high intelligence, industry and responsibility. Therefore, the programme is structure with foundation in basic oral health science and general nursing.


At the end of the programme, the student should be able to:

  1. Apply the knowledge of basic and behavioral science to assist the dentist
  2. Utilize oral healthcare process to assist in clinic.
  3. Promote acquisition of skills and attitudes that will enable them to effectively assist in the clinic.
  4. Utilize acquired knowledge to administer drugs and intravenous injections.
  5. Apply acquired knowledge to care for unconscious patients on the chair.


He diploma programme in Dental Health Technician is designed to produce Dental Health Techniques who will be capable of:

  1. Assisting the Dental Surgeon.
  2. Taking and processing Dental Radiographs
  3. Assisting in effective use of material resources towards provision of optimal oral Nursing care.
  4. Teach and guide oral Health student in training.
  5. Pre and post-operative care patients.
  6. Cleaning and sterilizing instruments.
  7. Being at the chair side during all treatments and operations.
  8. Reception off patients.
  9. Making appointments according to appointment plan.
  10. Receiving, recording and banking of all money need be.
  11. Store keeping and ordering supplies.
  12. Answering phone calls from clients who may need some information about the dental clinic.
  13. Educating the public on community oral health.

Hajiya Hauwa Kulu