Al-Ameen College of Health Sciences and Technology.

Environmental Health Sciences


The Environmental Health Training programme in the West African Sub-Region seeks to provide the practitioners with the required understanding of Public Health Care Services. Thus the trainees will be exposed to the Socio-Economics dynamics of the countries, taking into account the local, cultural, religious, ethnics and ecological diversities. They will also be suitably exposed to knowledge and specialized technical and practical skills required for meeting the needs of an ever demanding health situations in the communities.

The Environmental Health Technicians Programme combines a good proportion of technical training (Competence) and Theoretical Knowledge (Academics) so as to enable each trainee a preparation to have a broad understanding of the public Health Service needs. Moreover the programme further provides for a semester-long practical work experience in Communities, thus exposing them to real life situation and practice.

Occupational Prospects: 
The programme is designed to produce Environmental Health personnel who will be able to organize and ensure healthy environment in homes, communities and work places; thereby bequeathing to the public a sustainable level of health to enable them live and perform optimally in their community.
Job Opportunities
A certified and licensed EHO apart from establishing his own private practice in any of the subspecialties of environmental health, also has great potential and opportunity to be employed to work in the: – public sector with Ministries of Health, Environment, Agriculture, Water Resources, Arm Forces (Army, Navy & Air force), Prison Service, Customs Service, Immigration, Police Force, Environmental protection agencies, waste management Authority etc.

Structure of the Programme

  • Environmental Health Technician (EVT): is a Diploma Programme runs for three (3) years.
  • National Diploma Environmental Health (NDEVT): is a National Diploma Programme runs for two (2) years.
  • Food Hygiene Technician (FHT): is a Diploma Programme runs for three (3) years.
  • Health Education and Promotion (HEP): is a Diploma Programme runs for three (3) years.

Entry Requirements

  1. Five (5) Credit in ‘O’ Level from WAEC, NECO or GCE at not more than two sittings.
    The subjects must include:
    English Language
    2. Mathematics
    3. Biology
    4. Chemistry
    5. Physics

Mrs Orji Caroline