Al-Ameen College of Health Sciences and Technology.


The Registry department is the Heart of the college. Its main function is the management of records, information & documents. These records, information & documents form the essence of every institution’s activities & can be illustrated as the oxygen giving blood of the human anatomy. Hence the Registry is the systematic heart that beats life in to the continued functionality & practical existence of the Academic institution.

The Registry undertakes the process of entry/Admission & exit/Graduation into or out of the college of all categories of employees & students alike, respectively. It receives, categorizes, collate, store & retrieves all kinds of records, information & documents the entire activities of the institution generates on a regular basis.

In dealing with this institution, in any capacity, relationship & transaction, it is expedient for everyone/organization to start & conclude at the Registry, either they do so directly or by proxy. This is proper & ensures proper records are received formally, kept ideally, maintained systematically & easily retrieved conveniently at any time in the future. For some few aspects of the college activities (e.g. financial) the involvement of the Registry might be later in the sequence of activities but for most, it is paramount it is from inception.

In conclusion, the Registrar heads the Registry department & all official communication/correspondence to the college should be addressed either to The Registrar directly or to The Provost, through the Registrar

Y S Baikie